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aka: Drag racing, funny cars, custom cars, hot rod shows,
dry lakes racing, low riders, antique drag racing.

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Not just any car - a Hot Rod!

Larry OToole ( Australian Street Rodding publisher ) and I got together and shot the Aussie Hot Rod scene for about three years. And between the major calender events we would get together and try to put the hundreds of hours worth of material together .

We were thinking about what would happen when printed magazines like Street Rodding had to use electronic distribution. That is when paper became too dear to use. Playing around with the great 'what if?' is a large part of hot rodding. This was before the internet and DVDs.

Anyway we shot and shot and mixed in some electronic graphics and low res animation ( did some-one say Amiga?) and came up with a format that suited the detail rich content of Larry’s magazine. These shows have plenty of action but we also hear from the drivers and builders ( Greg Gower, Rod Hadfield, Victor Bray, Peter Collier, Hans Van Dyk, Chris Soldatos, Ken Brownlee, Mark Plunkett ).

We went to the standard events ( see Rachelle Splatt’s really big run in the 1993 Nationals ) and we went to the developing events ( Dry Lakes Racing at Lake Gairdner before & after the Americans arrived ) and even the events full of potential hot rods ( The Super Southern Swap Meet ).

And over three programs we captured a pretty fair idea of the scale and depth of the topic, from the Antique Drag Racers to 400 mph ground missiles, from metal restorers to plastic fabricators, and from scrounging parts to high level corporate racing sponsorship.

So these shows may be a glimpse into the future of publishing, they are certainly an intriguing insight into a very active and not widely published form of motor sport. It may not really appropriate even to call hot rodding a motor sport, it’s more of a way of life. And the people in it are dreamers with the knowledge and skill to build cars, not just talk about them.

Great guys .... astounding cars!    Great Value @ $34.95!

Airmailed delivery of NTSC ( US television ) copies is usually seven working days. The Price will fluctuate slightly with current exchange rates.

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Hot Rods 1.
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Arthurs Seat Hill Climb
( Doctor's Hot Rods

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And by the way if you like silly old cars that shun any high tech
modification but still like the idea of doom at every sharp corner
go the The First Historic Hill Climb page.

This one’s really left of field!


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