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Terry Sheppard’s
Sport Fishing for Carp in Australia.

Coarse Angling for Carp.
Big Fish on Light Tackle!

In the style of European coarse angling Terry Sheppard tours south eastern Australia and shows just how much sport there can be in catching this abundant introduced species.

Most of the carp in the waters of south-eastern Australia are descended from a German strain introduced in the 1960’s. They were released into denuded waterways and thrived for thirty years.

These carp have now become a food source for the native fish and bird- life and are partially responsible for the repopulation of the wildlife in our river systems.

In some states they are considered a pest but they are now seen by many as a resource ... and they are a great fighting fish!

Coarse angling, bait, tackle and tips.

In this unique DVD Terry takes us to various locations typical of south-eastern Australian waterways and shows just how much fun sport fishing for carp can be.

The fishing action, combined with some magnificent scenic views of the Australian country- side makes this program an absolute must for fishing fanatics the world over.

Terry is an enthusiast who live full-time from his fishing. He has fished extensively in the U.K., Europe and Australia, is a regular contributor to leading fishing magazines and has won many fishing tournaments both here and overseas.

Terry Sheppard has done much to popularise coarse angling and this program introduces some of the high and low tech features of this fast growing area of sport fishing.

Terry explains Coarse angling on the Freshwater Fishing Page.

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