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Freshwater Fly Tying.

Mick Hall's Fly Tying Masterclass 1 & 2 double DVD set

To take a trout on a fly that you have developed and tied yourself is an experience like no other. Trout fishing at this level is an immensely satisfying experience.

Starting from the basics of hook proportions and tools, Mick takes us through the making of seven of the most popular flys. Mick explains in clear detail each step and shows the key materials and methods required for each pattern. Plus there is a section devoted to the selection of hackles and an animated explanation of hooks and construction proportions.

Fly Tying orders
Mick Halls Masterclass

Introduction to fly tying DVD Animated fly building

Masterclass 2
features the following flys
Parachute Hackle Dun
Damsel Nymph
Royal Wulff
Woolly Bugger
Bullhead Hopper
Muddler Minnow
Plus bonus - Bead Bodies Nymphs

Masterclass 1
features the following flys:
Brown Nymph
Green Beetle
Red Tag
Fuzzy Wuzzy
March Brown
Elk Hair Caddis

Program 90 minutes approx.

Program 80 minutes approx.

The materials and tying techniques of these simpler flys are explained in a way which makes clear the general principles and proportions behind successful fly tying.

Fly tying is seen by many as an essential part of fishing.
Fly tiers can build into their flys the features which accurately reflect the local conditions. They then have the advantage of presenting a natural, appropriate and irresistable morsel to the wiley trout.

This program will show you how to tie a number of well-known patterns and give you the techniques and confidence to go on a develop your own variations.

Making Mayflys
.Saltwater Flys.
Micks Fly Box

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