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Hot Rods 2. DVD

If you look back at the images of people back in the forties & fifties they were all scrubbed clean and happy to conform. Remember the people in Batman’s Gotham City or Superman’s Metropolis, even the villains didn’t have a hair out of place or a spot on their gray suits. Everyone was bred for social & economic efficiency. The pressure was on to be normal.

So how could this button-downed culture turn out such a wild profusion of outrageously styled and impractical automobiles? Maybe the spirits of the times were working in the motor trade.

The old cars parade style, invention and plain old in-your-face assertion. They are not like many modern cars, cautiously worried about the future judgments of the trendy style police.They used deep compound curves of glass and steel, welded-on interplanetary-travel stabilizing fins covered with enough chrome trim to terrify any Martian invader. The drivers used the grill to show the world the facial expressions that they were too modest and refined to use themselves.

Maybe today the people themselves are more individualistic, but boy oh boy the cars are sure boring.

Now one of the problems associated with building performance cars is where can you enjoy them safely or at least without causing problems for other people?

We went to two locations, the obvious ( drag racing tracks ) and the geographically impossible ( dry lakes racing ).

Rebuilt cars don’t have to be made to be registered. This removes many restrictions that face people who want to rebuild cars that may be five or six decades old. You can build purely for show, or purely for go. And drive the Toyota to the supermarket to trade dints with other cars and territorially aggressive shopping trollies.

Wild bunch racing Victor Bray's burnout. Chevy burnout

Victor Bray and Wild Bunch Racing.- it’s a long, long way from matt black.

Dry Lakes racer Corvette
Rod Hadfield salt racing

Sydney Street Machine Spectacular.

Dry Lakes Racing at Lake Gairdner. The search for ultimate speed

Hot Rod show
Drag racing Low rider

Rod Hadfield’s ‘69 Lincoln Lo-Rider.
Rod gets down and gets dirty, and shows his usual restraint.

Street Rod Nationals. When Adelaide really came alive!
The Great Night Drive and the light entertainment on Sunday afternoon.

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Hot Rods 1.
Hot Rods 3.
Arthurs Seat Hill Climb
( Doctor's Hot Rods)

Dry lakes racing, drag racing, hot rod shows.low riders, show and shine.
Sixty sparkling minutes of hot car action! $4.95

Hot Rod orders Low riders

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