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Saltwater Fly Tying.

Mick Hall's Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 1 & 2.

Salt Water flies

Saltwater fly fishing, the fastest growing & possibly most exciting development in sport fishing, combines the unique skills of fly making with the chance to catch an almost unlimited range of fish.

Mick Hall turns his teaching skills to explore this brilliant new horizon. The materials, methods & special techniques are clearly explained in easy step by step instructions.

Salt Water flys

They say there’s hardly a fish species that will not take an artificial fly. This may be so, for I can’t think of any finny critter that has yet to be caught on a fly in our waters. Well apart from the great white shark and a few of his mates, but then they could have taken the fly, the boat and the crew as well. There’s some rough and lonely waters around here.

Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 1 - DVD

Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 2 - DVD

Learn to tie:
Jelly Belly ... Mini Chaser ... Chaser
Corinella Shrimp ... Jelly Bean
Stinger ... Double Pink Thing

Learn to tie:
Gold bead head nymph ... Triple Gold ... Surf Candy ... Chum Fly ... Lefty’s Deceivers ... Crazy Charlies ... Double Bunnies ... Surf Candy ... Whistlers ... Clouser Minnow and the world famous Australian Pink Thing.

Special Features include: Eyed Epoxy Heads & Silicon / Co-Polymer Soft Bodies.

Steve Coopers Snapper Secrets
Snapper Secrets orders Steve Coopers Snapper Secrets
Snapper Secrets orders

Mick’s simple step by step tying instructions, material and hook selection takes a lot of guess work out of tying saltwater flys. You will learn how to create multi-coloured epoxy heads that are strong and attract fish.How to create simple bodies from normal fishing line that are colourful yet strong enough to avoid damage from the toothiest of fish. And how to master the art of layering and create flowing overwings that look good enough to eat.

And speaking of good enough to eat, paddle over to Steve Cooper’s Mako on the Fly page to see what was on the menu after three days fly fishing in Bass Strait. Salmon, couta and for those who don’t like bones in their fish how about a three metre blue shark or a manic mako. Fishing for sharks always leaves a little doubt about which end of the line the dinner will be. ( And by the way Great White sharks are protected in southern waters - but saltwater fly fishermen aren’t )

Mick's Fly Box link

Check out the 17 saltwater flys and comments on their uses in
Mick's Fly Box.

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Masterclass 1
Masterclass 2

Making Mayflys
Mako on the Fly
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Mick Hall’s talent as a teacher, fly tying innovator and successful competitive sportsman is part of the history of fly tying in Australia. Mick’s standing is truely international since been awarded the US ‘One Fly’ Peter Crosby / Dick Carlsburg Sportsmanship Award in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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