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Welcome to the Bushcraft Library's fishing pages. Here you will find a brief description and links to the various pages that feature some very different styles of fishing which make up the Bushcraft sportfishing programs. When the Bushcraft Library started we were going to include just one program on fishing for learners. Well there are many levels of learning and as I soon discovered very many different styles of fishing.

So we have here a series of twelve instruction programs that are dedicated to very specific styles of angling. Each of these shows are presented by acknowledged local masters and we have attempted to give you the most appropriate vision to match the very high quality of the teaching.

New products on the site:

Fly tying DVD
Mayflies DVD
BVB link

We have also included some extra options to make it cheaper to start building your reference library - see our BVB special offer page

The return of Mick Hall's classic Fly Tying course as a double DVD set.

Mick Hall's brilliant double DVD set featuring the flies of the mayfly life cycle.

The basic introduction videos are: Terry Sheppard's How to catch Freshwater Fish and How to catch Saltwater Fish. Terry is a great teacher and these videos are great value for money at $24.95!

Link to bait fishing
Link to saltwater fishing Link to Carp fishing

How to catch Freshwater Fish. 

How to catch Saltwater Fish. 

 Sportfishing for Carp

(coarse angling, bait,
tackle and tips) VHS

(coarse angling, bait fishing,
fishing tackle, fishing hints) VHS

(pier, beach, boat, rocks, surf
& estuary: tackle, tips & safety) VHS

These 'How to' shows started out as instant hits and they continue to be a very popular publication. In 60 information-packed minutes they each clearly give the learner a view of the different types of bait & lure sport fishing and explain the basic gear & safety requirements. The freshwater video also introduces some bait presentation and fishing techniques that Terry elaborates on in his Coarse Angling series. Terry’s first coarse angling programme is Sportfishing for Carp.

And then way out of sight of land there’s another sort of fishing:

Link to Mako on the fly Link to Snapper Secrets
Snapper Secrets DVD

Mako on the Fly.

Snapper Secrets.

Snapper Secrets 3 Book & DVD

Snapper Secrets
DVD & 200 GPS marks

(saltwater fly fishing, mako,
deep sea game fishing) VHS

(saltwater sportfishing,
snapper tackle and tips) VHS

(snapper tackle, GPS marks,
great snapper tips) PAL DVD only.

PAL DVD only.

These shows are packed with action and experience, but we wanted to put a lot more in.

For many long-term fishos, being far away from the usual comfort zone, storm whiped, sun burnt, hungry and often disappointed is not the only reason they go fishing. Fishing isn’t about grappling with a meal that’s armed with painful spikes, fishing is about thinking and planning. Fishing is about being still. Waiting for something that’s entirely alien to talk to you through a fishing line.

And we’ve thrown every visual trick in the book into these shows. You want the new styles of digitally manipulated images, you want feature quality stereo sound tracks? You’ve got them on these three new style fishing shows.

And next there’s zen excitment: fly tying.

Masterclass DVD 1

Double DVD sets
Available in PAL only.

Fly Tying Masterclass 1 & 2

Fly Tying Masterclass 3 Making Mayflies

(fly tying hooks, materials, tools & techniques.
The best novice fly patterns plus some advanced fly tying techniques)

( flies of the mayfly life cycle,
trigger point design,
angling entomology )

Link to Saltwater flies
Saltwater Flies 2
The index of the 36 pages of the fresh and saltwater flies showing build sequences and proprtions.

Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 1.

Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 2

(saltwater fly tying hooks, materials,tools & techniques.Epoxy / silicon co/polymer heads & bodies) VHS

(advanced fly tying techniques,
new materials) VHS

Mick Hall was leading the fly tying field for years before he made the Masterclass DVDs, and since? Well he now owns the field and has dug out trout ponds. Mick Hall's Fly Tying Masterclass 1 & 2 & 3are the standard Australian works. Like the Karma Sutra it’s where you go to start and where you return to pick up more clues.

In Saltwater Fly Tying Methods 1 & 2 Mick cuts to the chase with materials and techniques to attract and resist destruction by big fish with big teeth. Same top quality instruction and production. These are international versions which introduce the principles, material and techniques before building up flies to tempt various toothies including blues and the odd mako. All five of Mick Hall’s programs are 90 minute plus, this is entertaining but serious fly tying course material.

And to tie all this up Geoff Wilson has the knots & rigs to let you bring the home the big fish.

Link to Fishing knots Link to fishing knots
Link to Fishing knots

The Complete Book of
Fishing Knots & Rigs
The new millenium edition
of Geoff's standard work.

Fishing Knots & Rigs 2.
Line to line & rigs.
Mono & Dacron. VHS

Fishing Knots & Rigs 1.
Line to terminal tackle.
Mono & Super Braid. VHS

Many of the above programs are available in a selection money saving bundles, so once you're tempted check out the BVB page. ( Best Value Buys )

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